A Vintage Butler And Wilson Spectacular Flower Ring in original box


Stunning, huge Butler And Wilson ring in Gold Plate set with amazing Aurora Borealis Rhinestones .  A rare item and uncommon design. Outstanding finely cut and facetted Crystals in tapering hues of clear Crystal to rich Pink, to encrusted flower petals, with 7 large, pink mirrored Arora Borealis Stamen beads. Clearly Hallmarked to rear with Butler and Wilson within round lozenge. All in immaculate condition with no losses or damage. Dimensions approx..:- Ring size 7.3 existing minimum; Front overall diameter 5cm; Petals 1.5cm x 0.6cm; Borealis Stamen 7 crystals, each 0.8cm diameter. Butler and Wilson, London. England.








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