A Vintage Belle Etoile Designer Ring set with Large Pink Stone and Blue Enamel


Presenting an exquisite Belle Étoile designer ring crafted in sterling silver, featuring a large pink, finely faceted center crystal nestled within a domed setting. The captivating design is further enhanced by cloisonné blue enamel surrounded by brilliantly cut and faceted white rhinestones bordering the enamel fascia. A five-pointed star highlight graces one corner of the ring, accompanied by multiple small stars at the cloisonné joints. This piece is in impeccable condition, appearing as new, with no losses or damage. The rear is clearly hallmarked with the designer name Belle Étoile and 925, affirming its British sterling silver quality. Approximate dimensions include a ring size of P or 7 ½, a 1.4cm square pink crystal, and a 2.7cm x 2.4cm enamel fascia. The band width measures 1.2cm at the silver shoulders, tapering to 0.4cm at the rear, with a thickness ranging from 0.8cm at the front center (excluding the crystal) to 0.2cm at the domed rear. The top of the pink crystal stands 1.2cm above finger level. Belle Étoile, a jewelry brand synonymous with elegance and sophistication, hails from San Francisco, USA.



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