A Vintage 14ct Solid Gold Ring set with a 1ct Orange Sapphire surrounded by Diamonds


A Vintage 14ct Solid Gold Ring and 1ct Orange Sapphire and Diamonds in 2 stepped layers, in an elevated crown setting, with the Sapphire 10mm above finger level. A stunning creation and very unusual Colour, pear cut and finely facetted Sapphire with finely facetted brilliant Diamonds in 2 stepped layers, one of 11 Diamonds and outer layer of 14 diamonds, surrounding the Sapphire. No damage, presenting like new. The ring is of a small fitting and of age, as the inner surface is softly rubbed and does not show any Hallmark, but test as 14ct Gold. Dimensions approx..:- Ring Size 4; Orange Sapphire 11mm x 4mm max, 1ct.; 25 x 1pt Diamonds, 0.25ct approx..; Band width 5mm at double divided shoulders to nominal 2mm at rear; Band thickness 4mm at divided shoulders to nominal 1mm at rear. Europe.



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