A Vintage 14ct Solid Gold Ring in form of Opal Flower Petals


A Spectacular 14ct Solid Gold Ring in the form of Opal Flower Petals and Stamen. The opals are exquisite and have many different colour flashes in natural lighting conditions and probably of Australian origin. The lower Gold Cage is intricately formed and lifts the Opals to 1.1cm above finger level to catch maximum light exposure. Perfect condition with no damage, and clearly Hallmarked 14K plus star mark by maker. Dimensions approx..:- Ring Size 7; Band width generally 3mm to 4mm, with decorated Leaf points at shoulders; Band thickness generally 1mm; Ring Face 20mm diameter; Opals 6 oval cut petals 5mm x 4mm x 2mm, plus 2 round cut Stamen 3mm dia. x 2mm high, TCW 1.5ct approx.. U.S.A..







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