A rare Vintage 10ct gold ring set with Neon Apatite and White Spinel


Brilliant 10K Gold ring set with 9 rare Neon Apatite Gems with White Spinel cluster. The Blue Apatite gems can only be described as spectacular, with one of the best colours you can find. Malgache Neon Apatite is rarely found in Jewellery as it is difficult to work, but the result at the end, is the electric blue that you see in this multiple gem setting. This gem is usually sourced as Madagascar Apatite. Apatite can come in different colours, but obviously this crackling, electric Blue is the most desirable.  The Gold has 2 Hallmark being “10K”confirming the Gold quality, and also “417” followed by “G” within a shield, probably being the Jeweller’s Hallmark. Dimensions approx.: Ring size “Q”  or “8 ¼”, Gold band width 1mm generally; band thickness 1mm at rear to 2mm at each shoulder; Neon Apatite 9 at 10pts each, cluster overall 6mm wide x 17mm long. Circa Mid Century. Europe



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