A Rare Large Moorcroft Australian Garden Vase


A Large Moorcroft Australian Garden Trial Vase.  In perfect condition. Dimensions 31cm high x 15cm diameter.

Each designer at Moorcroft has their own unique approach when it comes to starting a new design. For Vicky Lovatt, her chosen technique involves drawing directly onto clay. A glimpse into her Design Studio reveals a captivating sight – rows of pots, each showcasing the initial ideas she had for her designs. The level of detail and thought put into these early concepts is truly remarkable.

When Vicky embarked on creating the Australian Garden design, she meticulously ensured that the flowers she sketched would perfectly complement the shape of the vase. With her pencil, she consciously guided her lines along every curve of the clay, bringing her vision to life.

To curate this magnificent bouquet of flora, Vicky dedicated time to thorough research. She sought out flowers that would harmonize with her envisioned design, and her efforts were rewarded. The vase proudly displays the delicate epacris longiflora, also known as fuchsia heath, with its garlands of red bells tipped in pure white. In the center, the design features caladenia catenata, or white fingers, gracefully stretching their palms, slightly blushed with burgundy. The lemon-flowered gum is adorned with enlarged dots of yellow tubelining, adding a vibrant touch. And finally, clusters of purple glycine clandestina, commonly known as Twining Glycine or Love Creeper, complete the composition.

The meticulous research, attention to detail, and artistic vision that Vicky Lovatt brings to her designs are truly awe-inspiring, resulting in the creation of the stunning Australian Garden masterpiece.


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