A Pair of Authentic Chanel Shoes sz 35.5


A pair of Authentic Chanel shoes, possibly unworn or possibly a couple of times, in exceptional condition.  The Toe, Lace/Knot and heels are of “Patent Leather” with a full soft Italian leather interior. The body is dark French Navy  Denim weave with the opening edge having a very strong black “Bias” of approx. 8mm wide outside and 6mm to the inside.

The Manufacture Markings: the sole is marked with the impressed “CC” (Registered Mark), over “35 ½” (size), over “MADE IN ITALY”.  The total interior is in beige leather, and has “CHANEL” over “CC” enclosed in a circle, and to the left, is “MADE IN ITALY” set in a curve; all these inner markings are Gilt on the Beige; the interior has no evidence of being worn at all. Sole and Heel appear as new with only soft  “buff” to only the sole colour (as if worn on carpet only?), with no stone or grit marks to either soles or heels; the right heel side has 2 tiny scratch marks, but the left heel is as new.   Italy.