A Pair of Authentic Alexander McQueen Asymmetrical Earrings Owl and Memento Mori Skull Signed


An outstanding set. Alexander McQueen Asymmetrical Earrings Owl and Skull Heavy Gilt finish with finely cut and facetted Rhinestones in Black, brilliant White.. Each individually Hallmarked with full name, first name in upper and lower case, and Surname in Capitol letters. These earring s are definitely eye catching as they are totally different, even the mounts. One has a narrow pear shape ear loop, with a Lucky Coin drop below. The coin has a Four-Leaf Clover to one side and a Lucky Horseshoe to the other and encrusted with Rhinestones; the lower Drop, an owl, is suspended and swings a silver Aurora Borealis Rhinestone; the owl is finely detailed and encrusted with Rhinestone eyes and breast. The other earring has a post and gilt Keeper with a large brilliant white facetted Rhinestone at top, with Black Aurora Borealis to the sides, with a hand swinging below, wearing a seed pearl ring and wearing a cuff of Seed Pearls and Rhinestone; the hand is holding the lowest drop, a skull swinging at bottom. The skull is not a morbid feature but refers to the Latin Memento Mori, “Live for Today, as tomorrow you may die”. Dimensions approx..:- Owl earring, 6.2cm drop x 1.6cm wide max.; Skull earring 6cm drop x 1.8cm wide max.. Alexander MacQueen, London. U.K.