A Mexican Sterling Silver Necklace in Copper. Bronze and Silver Finish


An amazing  Necklace of Mexican Origin. Wide TENCHA Design in Triple Curb Chain, all Solid Sterling Silver with Copper. Bronze and Silver Finishes. Clearly Hallmarked to rear of polished Silver Clasp,  TENCHA over 925, over LE FE, MEXICO. The design is such that it can be worn with the Tapered, polished Clasp as a Pendant feature, or to the rear with just the Chain as the feature, an interesting dual design. All in excellent condition, no damage, or losses, a soft age patina. Dimensions approx.: Overall length 38.5cm x 2.2cm wide x 0.2cm thick; Clasp tapered, 3cm to 2cm across to match curvature of Necklace, 2.3cm wide x 0.3cm thick; Total Mass 84gm.. Mexico. Circa 1940’s

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