1920s American Revere Magazine Spring Holder in Chrome and Bakelite


Art Deco Revere Chrome Magazine Rack with Bakelite handle, by Norman Bel Geddes, circa 1920s. Excellent condition with soft aged patina from careful use over 100 years approx.. This is the rare, larger version of the smaller “Book Spring Rack” that were first Designed by this Manufacturer. The Registered Design was always over 2 Countries, always “N.Y.” for New York, and this one has “ROME”. The Book Racks were similar but were also single or one each side, which “unravelled” as you added more books; the counterweight for the springs came in various shapes and colours. This Magazine Racks were always symmetrical, like this example, with different coloured Bakelite loop handle tops, being the only variation. The double chrome sphere feet at each leg is chromed solid brass, recessed into the scrolled, chrome springs. A reinforcing leaf underneath each spring came into use for extra support when heavily loaded with multiple magazines on each side. Dimensions approx..: 45cm high overall; base 24.5cm wide x 20.5cm deep; spheres 3cm dia.; Left and right springs relaxed 23cm high x 16cm “diameter”; these racks could balance say 10cm-12cm thickness of magazines each side,