Water set of large jug and glasses from Lasisepat Mansala, Finland


Mid Century 6 Glass Set with Large Jug, all with raised design of 7 Branch with large bud at point. Classical design by Lasisepat Mansala, Finland, in very sturdy glass, strong handle and curled lip design to resist drips. This is a magnificent set, ideal for chilled water, or the traditional “Lemonade Setting”. All in perfect condition with not one chip, crack, repairs or losses. The bases of each piece, including jug, have ”Sunburst”  lines radiating  from each centre, and the bases rest on 6 raised points (including Jug), which decreases the rate of warming from the resting place. Dimensions are approx..:  Jug 21.5cm high x 11cm diameter at top to 16cm dia. maximum at lower waist; Glasses, 12cm high x 7.5cm dia. at lip, to 8cm dia. at base. Finland. Circa 1950.


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