Victorian 9ct Gold ring set with a pale blue Star Sapphire


Victorian 9ct Gold Ring with Pale Blue Star Sapphire, with a slight, very fine lineal, inclusion adjacent to one of the claws  These Gems can shine a star as it is part of the actual Gem crystal that diffracts the light, creating the Star Reflection. The photo supplied is the “Star” of this gem, and it appears as “fixed” to this location. . The ring is VIctorian era, circa 1870, and is not Hallmarked , but tests as 9ct Gold.  Dimensions approx.: Size J1/2  or  5; Band width 1mm at rear to 1/2mm at shoulders, thickness 3mm at shoulders to 1/2mm at rear; Sapphire 7mm x 4mm x 3mm thick approx.. Europe. Circa 1870.

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