Set of 6 American Farberware and Cambridge glasses


A set of Cambridge Wine Glasses with Farverware Chrome Filigree stems. The specialty of these glasses is the patent for the design, where the chromed or Nickel stem, grips the upper glass; when it comes to washing, the metal is removed and the glasses are washed, thus preventing corrosion to the metal. Each has the Hallmark to the base “FARBER BROS” over 3 domed enclosed details having a Pound Sign, an arm holding a hammer, and an Anvil, and the last, is reversed ”c” ‘s with a cross between, then, all over “NEW YORK N.Y.” over PAT. AUG 2nd 1932”. Images represent general condition, as there is no damage at all, only a soft aged patina according to age. Dimensions are approx..: 14.5cm high x 8cm dia. top x 6.5cm dia. Base. U.S.A. New York. Circa 1930’s.

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