Rare Original Worlds Fair American Airplane Lamp


Art Deco DC3 Plane Lamp from the N.Y. World’s Fair Period, 1939. An amazing example of one of the lamps from this period, which can only be described as in amazing condition. The DC 3 Plane was originally built in 1933, and it became one of the major features for the Fair. Original, but rewired to Australian Regulations, with lower power LED lights, and a di-pole safety switch to the inline cord, that has been replaced in sympathy with the original. The plane propellers are perfect and spin like new and the plane is mounted on the original adjustable column, allowing minor plane movement for effect. No damage to mention and the ribbed glass base is in perfect original condition. Dimensions are approx..: Overall height subject to plane movement 37cm; wingspan 35cm and nose to tail 23cm; Hexagon base 22cm across flats. It will be hard to find a lamp as good as this one. U.S.A.. Circa 1939