Rare Maison Duchaussy Perfume Lamp “the Three Continents”


Art Deco Perfume Lamp “Ladies of 3 Continents”. A fantastic example of a most sought after Art Deco Lamp, complete and in perfect condition. Design by “M. Duchaussy”, France, as marked to the base of the lamp. The design depicts 3 different ladies in different clothing, representing the 3 Continents of the World. Rewired to meet Australian conditions, but easily suited to U.S.A., U.K., Europe or other Countries by simply changing the light bulb if the Voltage is different, and the plug at the end of cord, by a qualified person. It is also fitted with an inline, di-pole safety switch which is suitable to any Country. The triangular porcelain perfume well is intact and in original perfect condition; this fits inside the lamp at top, and is covered with the decorated porcelain top cover which is also perfectly original. The internal globe warmth, slowly evaporates the perfume via the ventilation holes at the lid area, and also illuminates the lamp; lower area glows, and area behind each of the ladies heads is brightly illuminated. This area also ventilates the area above the globe area, so the air is circulated around the lamp as well. The Rest of the lamp and outer decoration has a soft aged patina, but is not damaged, and no repairs other than the electrical re-wire. Dimensions are approx..: 42.5cm high x 18cm across each triangular face at base. France. Circa 1920’s

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