Rare Art Deco dark brown clutch purse with celluloid dog


Art Deco Large Purse or Clutch Handbag, with a Celluloid Scottie Dog, dressed in Tartan within a chrome circle; surrounded by high quality chrome edges to both the upper edges and down each side to the hinge areas. Design by “John Pound, London” as on tag to interior of inner coin purse with chrome snap clasp. The Interior is lined in heavy Brown Satin fabric that matches the bag colour, also a brown Swede trim to the metal zip; other extensive fittings, include the Coin Purse, and a full width wallet area for Notes; the opposite side has another a full width wallet area, a chromed, Metal zipped pocket, a smaller, open pocket with original face mirror, plus the large central storage area. Condition is excellent, with minor Patina wear for age, some minor thinning at the inner purse clasp cloth area, and a pinhead size thinned area inside just below the main clasp; other than these irrelevant, tiny spots, the interior is excellent. The exterior has a soft, aged patina, with a few, minor rubs, but no serious damage to mention, and only the 4 base resting corners are “dulled” but not worn through. London, England. Circa 1940.

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