Pair of Art Deco Bakelite and glass lamps


Art Deco Bakelite and Lavender Glass Pair of lamps, in a finely detailed design., all in perfect condition, no damage or losses The deep orange Bakelite stems are 5 sided and deeply fluted while tapering towards the top. The glass bases have multiple steps including raised edges at lower triangle points, giving clearance for alternative locations for the cords exit so you have a choices  as to which side can be at front, flat or pointed edge, and all the sides have multiple “V” grooves, adding to the design. Dimensions are approx.: Overall height 37.5cm; glass bases 11.5cm across sides of each triangle x 3cm thick overall; Shades 11.5cm high , 7.5cm dia. at top, tapering to 16cm at bottom. Lamps are totally re-wired with cord, with appearance of same period; all to Australian Safety requirements with Di-pole inline switch. Can easily be used in U.K., U.S.A., or Europe by simply changing the plug at end of cord by Qualified person, and the Light bulb to local Voltage if not 240V. U.S.A.. Circa 1930. Sold as a pair