Original Socovel Motorcycle Poster framed


Mid Century Poster, “Motorcycle” by Socovel Motorcycle Company Brussel, Belgium (Belgique) Europe. The Company was founded on March 4th 1941 by the brothers Maurice and Albert de Limette in Brussels. This Company was the first to create an Electric Scooters, as Petrol was in short supply during War times. The Poster represents an Internal combustion Model of a 1950 model. Socovel built a variety of models employing Villiers, Sachs, Jawa and Coventry-Victor engines. The poster cleverly captures an image of 2 “Swifts” or “House Martin” birds flying alongside. These birds are reputed to be able to fly at up to 80 MPH, so indicating the Motorcycle is fast! The poster has full identification in the lower left corned “Imprint’ chez MARL 30, rue Bara, Bruxells” (Imprint at MARCH 30 Bara Street, Bruxells) The lower right white panel was use to rubber stamp “Cycle Venues, Races, dates, etc.” then distributed to the Public on various Advertising occasions, so they did not have to reprint posters. The poster is archivally framed. Belgium. Circa 1950.


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