Mid Century Sunburst Gilt Quartz Clock Timemaster


Mid Century Sunburst Gilt Quartz Clock by “Timemaster” (of Japan), over “Quartz”, as marked to the face below Noon position. This Great piece has survived all these 6 Decades approx.., and takes a “C” size Battery. The face is in black Roman Numerals, decorative black Hour and Minute hands, and a red sweep minute/second hand. The original labels are still on the rear, advising “Replacement Battery” over “Mallory or Eveready MN 1400”, and also another label in an ellipse “MOVEMENT” over “JAPAN”. Excellent condition for nearly 60 years; the inner face is close to perfect, with a slight aged patina an a few minor marks from handling, to the outside, but again, nearly perfect condition with minor touch marks. Will have a new battery at time of sale, which usually lasts a year or there about. Dimensions are approx..: 45cm max. diameter; face 17cm diameter. Japan. Circa 1960.


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