Mid Century Sarsparilla Co. of New York DC3 Airplane lamp


Mid Century Lamp as a Plane in Chrome and Glass. Believed to be based on the DC-3 Aeroplane designed in 1933 which was one of the main features of the New York World’s Fair in 1939, as it was the main carrier of passengers attending the Fair. This lamp is of later manufacture, but still holds the intrigue and creates a centre of attention when turned on. The glass body has “ribs” along the underside similar to the original plane and the chrome support underside has 2 grips which slip along the grooves holding it in position, while the rear glass tube engages deeply into the electrical socket area.  All in excellent condition, bother the chrome and the body of Satin glass, impressed with windows, door, cockpit/nose cone, etc.. No damage to report, chrome excellent, with only a soft age patina.  Dimensions are approx..: 34cm wingspan x 31cm nose to tail, 33cm high max,; base 12.5 dia. x  4cm high dome. U.S.A. Circa 1960s

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