Mid Century Optical Lucite Giraffe by Abraham Palatnik


Mid Century Optical Illusion Giraffe in Clear Lucite, of tall proportions, by Abraham Palatnik, Brazil. A world famous design by this great Artist. The clear French Lucite is curve moulded in 2 halves, with the two dimensional Giraffe, designed in black dots and lines, moulded to the centre. This results in an optical illusion that creates a 3 dimensional Giraffe view that also “moves” as your vision crosses the Lucite curves. This is one of the rare designs, and the first we have been able to procure in this Giraffe design. It is in perfect, original condition, with slight loss of the original lower sticker on the base, but still readable as marked “MADE IN BRAZIL”. Authenticity guaranteed. Dimensions are approx.: 31.5cm high and 3cm wide x 5.5cm bases, (varies). Please also look at our rare Owl by Palatnik, if not already sold. Brazil Circa 1960.