Mid Century Kienzle Zodiac clock


Mid Century, circa 1960, German Clock by Kienzle, with  Zodiac Signs in satin Gilt to face of satin silver face having every 5 minutes with Batons of bright Gilt with a central black stripe, matching the Hour and Minute Hands.

It has very intricate, decorative Zodiac Signs around the perimeter within the double , fine gilt circles; “KIENZLE” marked above hand centre, “QUARTZ” BELOW HAND CENTRE, and a very fine print, also in black of “MADE IN GERMANY” at the very bottom below the 6 position. All in excellent condition, early quartz movement keeping perfect time, and a soft age patina to the outer gilt finish, metal areas.  The rear workings/battery compartment is also marked with the Kienzle details. . Germany. Circa 1960.


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