Mid Century Gold, Amethyst and diamond ring


Mid Century 9ct Gold Ring with a Diamond at each shoulder and three Amethysts symmetrically set to the middle crown Keystone. Excellent example of Deco Geometric influence on Jewellery. All in excellent condition with no damage or repairs, just a soft aged patina and slightly rubbed Hallmark, but clearly showing “375” representing the 9ct Gold, plus 3 other marks, rubbed. Dimensions are approx..: Finger size 7 or 17.2mm dia., Band 2mm wide at rear to half mm at shoulder, deepening to 3mm at shoulder, down to 1mm at rear; Amethysts, approx., centre stone 8mm x 6mm x 4mm deep; side gems 5mm x 3mm x 2mm thick. Europe. Circa 1950.


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