Mid Century French Jaz Alarm Clock


Mid Century French Jazz Alarm Clock in cream enamel finish, chrome bezel to front and Alarm stop button to top surface. The Dial is in amazing, original condition, with no marks or deterioration at all. Very heavy application of illuminous to the Black Arabic numerals, black batons every minute, with thicker batons every 5 minutes. Hands are in jet black with the illuminous lines along the centres; the alarm set arm is in chrome, as too the support feet, alarm button and the rear controls. The Controls are for winding time and Alarm, time and Alarm adjustment and also the movement speed adjustment. The outer case enamel at rear has a couple of soft age patina spots, but only visible if very closely inspected, as too the chrome underneath has very minor patina marks, barely worth mentioning. A spectacular piece for the age. Jaz, France. Circa 1950.

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