Mid Century Blue Persian Design near Mint Boxed


Mid Century Blue Persian Design near Mint, Boxed. Grey/Blue design to all 7 glass pieces (including Shaker body), with Gilt finish to Glass rims, with Gilt Anodised finish to Polished Aluminium Shaker top and screw off Cap with “X” strainer to inner pouring outlet; Original “Vogue Crystal” /  “Registered Mark” (of VOGUE U.S.A.), Gilt on Black Sticker, to glass towards top on shaker. Condition can only be described as close to Mint, a tiny area of darkened anodising to side of pouring cap, and a very tiny chip to Shaker base corner and minor wear to Manufacturer’s Sticker. Dimensions are approx..: Shaker 24cm high x 9cm dia. towards top x 6.5cm dia. at base; Glasses each 7cm high x 7cm dia., at top x 3.5cm dia. at base. Vogue U.S.A.. Circa 1950.

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