Mid Century 9ct gold set with 9 sapphires


Mid Century 9ct Gold Ring, set with 9 Deep Blue Sapphires, probably high quality Ceylon origin, set as a 3×3 Cluster, with “Stud” Claws between most gems, plus outer claws; asymmetrical Deco influenced, ribbed shoulders, in a broad, heavy gold Band. A  bright and brilliant design, with Hallmark, i.e., “9K“, regarding Gold Quality, followed by “QVC” followed by “375” representing 9ct. Gold quality again, followed by a triangle within a square Lozenge, and then a “y”; to the opposite side is also “KN” being the Jewellers or Makers Mark.  Very attractive ring with a lot of Impact, a real Statement piece. Design thought put into it. Dimensions are approx..: band, 2.5mm wide at rear to 10mm/1cm at front centre below Gem Cluster; thickness at rear 0.6mm, to 4mm dome at front centre. Finger size 9 1/2  /  19.2mm dia.. England. (Imported Gold).

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