Huge 1960s Almandine Garnet ring


Almandine Garnet of 9 Cabochons, in Ring of heavy, Solid European 925 Sterling Silver. An amazing statement piece of jewellery. Intricately designed with heavy clasps instead of claws holding each Gem securely. Dimensions are approx..: the diamond shaped Ring face is approx.. 4.3cm high x 2.5cm wide, holding Cabochons approx.. 3mm thick to the domed tops within silver surrounds up to 6mm deep, and small, gold flashed tops on silver spheres in the gap separating each silver “frame “. The Band is intense, being 5mm wide, with a domed top, up to 2mm thick; finger size is US 8.5  /  No. 17.5   /  18.2mm dia.. Europe. Circa 1960


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