French Art Deco Coloured Marbles Photo Frame Asymmetrical


Art Deco Marble Photo Frame in a geometric and stepped design, Asymmetrical with 3 different Coloured Marble types. Left side has 3 steps in half circles including the taller column and base; while the right side has a reverse “S” onto the half-round base. The frame can be changed from left to right, etc… The Deco Movie Star photo demonstrates the inclusion of a Photo, but if the photo is smaller, it can be “floating” with clear glass surrounding. All the glass is original, with the front thicker glass has a small bevel to add to the elegance, but has minor crack within the marble edge guide the thinner rear glass is just plain cut polished edge. The marble has a natural, small rough stone area behind the taller column. There has been some felt added to the base to assist protect polished surfaces, and the presentation is excellent overall. Dimensions are approx..: Base marble 24cm wide x 9cm deep x 2cm thick; top of stepped marble column is 14cm; top of “S” side 7cm high; Overall with glass is 20cm high, photo width 13cm. France. Circa 1920’s


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