Exceptional Theodor Fahrner Ring in sterling silver set with a huge Citrine


Art Deco Theodor Fahrner Ring 925 Silver with very intricate filigree work at top and surround underneath the setting, letting light to the rear of the large Citrine Gem. The Citrine is mounted in a  full perimeter enclosure, and the filigree mount is 7mm high. The Silver is Hallmarked to the band inner side with an impressed Jeweller’s mark, followed by  “925”, being the European Sterling Silver mark, then “FAHRNER”. Condition is excellent with no damage to mention, just a soft aged patina. Dimensions are approx.. Finger size 5  or 15.6mm dia.; oval Citrine 13mm x  8mm x 4mm thick approx..; Band width 2mm at rear to 4mm at shoulders, Band thickness 1mm. Germany. Circa `1930.

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