Exceptional French Art Deco Macassar Sideboard


Art Deco Stepped Macassar Sideboard with extensive details in polished Nickel. The central raised section consists of two doors, all of front section bounded with an Aluminium edge, dual aluminium forged handles including central key escutcheons (1 is for symmetry only) and the splayed nickel foot edge for both the front and both side edges. The three top surfaces and edge above the foot. Including the Macassar, all have a stepped edge; all surfaces, both metal and timber are highly polished and finely finished, all in immaculate condition, with no damage. The central doors are interlocking with a double Bolt security lock to the left side and a central shelf; the outer cupboards have a central shelf but no locking facility. Dimensions are approx..: 239cm wide overall, (central raised area 105cm wide), depth 48.5cm at left and right, with centre area 49.5cm deep; heights 94cm each side, centre 97.5cm.. France. Circa 1930.

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