Crams World Globe Illuminated lamp Resting on Atlas’ shoulders


Crams World Globe, internally Illuminated, Resting on Atlas’s shoulders. Mid Century, excellent condition, totally re-wired to Australian requirements, and no damage to mention. Slight aged patina, and at the “North Pole”, there is the 24 hour, Day/Night Dial that you set to your time at your location, and the increments on the dial advise the day and time relatively around the World. The Globe illumination is not bright, but “glows” giving the different Country colour to stand out brighter, with a golden glowing sea. The globe is the 12” version by Crams, spins freely, and both “Atlas” and the graduated Longitude ring is all in copper enamelled, and the base is polished hardwood, all spotless; overall height 40cm; timber base is 38cm wide x 13.5cm deep x 2.5cm thick. U.S.A.. Circa 1960.