Burl Birch Stepped cocktail cabinet


Burl Birch Stepped Cocktail Cabinet, all Ribbed Front. Burl Birch circle segments, creating a raised, corrugated surface to the front vertical areas, which are also curved outward, with flat horizontals and sides, also in the golden Burl Birch. There is a narrow stepped top; the mid area has a pull-out shelf for Cocktail or Martini preparation area with the matching Cabinet, front body curve, with 2 Chrome spherical handles; the inner upper cabinet has mirrored base and wall areas, with 2 glass shelves for glasses and equipment storage; the lower cupboard has a single shelf at the upper third point to take short or tall Liqueur bottles accordingly, or to store multiple dozen bottles of wine in the lower horizontal position. Dimensions are approx.: Overall height 172cm, Lower area 102cm, upper 70cm; Width upper 71.5cm, lower 91cm; Depth 50cm upper, 70cm lower.




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