Authentic Oscar de la Renta Egyptian Revival Scarab Pendant


Art Deco Egyptian Revival Scarab Necklace, Authentic design by Oscar De la Renta. A very intricate Scarab design with the metalwork in “Aged Gold” finish. This design is much more “restrained”, but substituted for intense detail to the Scarab rather than spectacular, Catwalk designs. The main “jewel” is the wings to the Scarab Beetle, being like an opal, clear, with “oil on water” reflections from the rear, with a smaller, but intense “black “pearl” for the head with similar sparkle; Small seed pearl for each eye, either side of a small skull, and a line of faceted crystals across the head and down the back, separating the wings. The necklace is adjustable between 3 rings, separated by 3cm of fine chain opposite the side with the Mid size, Lobster Claw Clasp. The usual Hallmark tab with signature is intact.  The necklace also has an uncommon, double, fine gilt chains, with 5 pointed stars with a facetted crystal to the centre of each star. The star is also as a pendant to the base of the beetle, and each side on the inner chain At the very bottom of the beetle and the central chain, is a Baroque pearl with a curved “cross” with channel set facetted crystals above the pearl. Condition is immaculate with no damage, no repairs or losses. Please note that there are also 2 ring clasps either side of the “inner” chain, so it can be removed altogether; used separately, OR possibly make alternative necklace layouts? Dimensions are approx.: Inner chain Length, 40cm; outer chain 68cm, 72cm to75cm; main scarab 3cm high x 2cm wide. Please refer to the matching earrings if still available. U.S.A..

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