Askew of London Egyptian Revival Necklace Eagles and Scarabs


Rare Askew of London Egyptian Revival with Large pendant Eagle Amulet and 3 different Scarab beetles to each side and gold ”wheat” chain. All decorated in numerous Czechoslovakian Art glass of semi-precious gems and Askew 24ct Gold  finish. Adjustable to the rear chain, with “hook and eye” with a red and blue gem mounted 1 to each side. All in immaculate condition, with no damage at all to report. The dimensions are approx..: Adjustable length 43cm to 48cm; central pendant 6.5cm drop x 4.5cm wide; “orange” pendant 4cm drop x 2cm wide max.; blue scarabs 4cm drop x 2cm wide at top to 1.5cm at bottom; outer blue scarab 3cm drop x 1.5cm at top to 2cm at bottom. Please refer to the matching earrings if still available. Askew, England




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