Art Deco WMF Pansies Wine Coaster


Art Deco German WMF Coaster with Chrome filigree rim to top edge of the outer edge of the porcelain. The WMF Pansy Pattern is on the perimeter of the Porcelain. WMF Group (formerly known as “Württembergische Metallwaren Fabrik”) is a German tableware manufacturer, founded in 1853. The pansy pattern is simple but intensely eye-catching, and possibly one of the best and most beautiful of all the WMF porcelain flower designs. This piece is in excellent condition for the porcelain and the chrome, which both are near perfect with a soft aged patina. There does not appear to  be a WMF Beehive Mark, but the Design Number, WMF mark of “Dec. 2194”, is on the porcelain base, in dark blue, matching the other pieces of this design, in other stock, a Teapot and Sugar or Jam/Comport Jar (if not already sold). All the porcelain is immaculate, with no chips, no cracks or restoration, and the chrome work has a soft aged patina but no damage. Dimensions are approx.. : 15cm diameter x 2cm high at chrome filigree. Germany. Circa 1930’s.

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