Art Deco Spectacular Marble Desk or Mantel Clock


Art Deco Mantel or Desk clock, by  Bayard of France, well known for making wonderful timepieces. All the fascia metal in quality gilt finish, including the Company name “BAYARD” below the 12 position, with “Made in France” in fine black enamel below the 6 position; all Numerals in in a Deco Arabic numbers, with individual minutes shown with raised, gilt dolts. The gilt was designed to complement the Italian “Potoro” Marble, with “gold” and white fine veins running through the black body. The upper, rear body marble is French, pink veined rouge, while the base is white; all is excellent, aged patina, with only a tiny piece on rear edge is lost at joint of grains, probably many decades ago. The Clock keeps perfect time and key winds from front, behind glass door, with original nickel key included. The rear metal clock body has a few superficial paint chips, but otherwise perfect all over. France. Circa 1930.



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