Art Deco Perfume Atomiser, in Czechoslovakian Green Malachite


Art Deco Czechoslovakian Malachite Glass Perfume Atomiser, surface with image of reclining, semi-nude Venus, with Cupid, playing a Harp, hovering above, with grapes? as the background to both the left and right sides; Nickel and chrome fittings with black “silk” covered Puffer with tassel and tube, all in perfect working condition (replaced at some time in past); still retaining the original metal suction tube, and a small white inclusion (from time of manufacture); soft patina wear, with minor scratches to base and a tiny (pinhead size) flake chip to underside base area, (only mentioned, insignificant and only mentioned to be absolutely precis in the description). Dimensions are approx.. : 17cm high x 14.5cm wide x 8cm deep and 5cm dia. at base . Czechoslovakia. Circa 1920’s.


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