Art Deco long Onyx, Gold, Silver and mine cut crystal earrings


Art Deco 9ct Gold Silver Onyx Mine Cut Crystal. The  loops are in 9ct Gold with Sterling Silver for all the lower section, which is Hallmarked “SIL” which is the American marking for Sterling Silver, sometimes the full word “Sterling” or “Silver” are used. The onyx has been carefully shaped to both a cabochon and the lower tear-drop, and the white “sparkles” are in mine cut and facetted crystal, not diamantes. These earrings are very special with intricate detail and quality materials throughout and intensive labour to the manufacture. All perfect with no damage or repairs. Dimensions are approx..: Overall drop 7.5cm x 2cm across (max.), onyx cabochon 8mm dia.; teardrop 10mm x 4mm dia. (max.). U.S.A.. Circa 1930’s

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