Art Deco Inlaid Bar or Cocktail cabinet



Art Deco Bar or storage Cabinet, amazing multiple concentric Circles in different colour Fruitwoods, forming  a large , central “Bullseye” across the doors, at the bottom, with identical part “Bullseyes” adjoining on left and right. From these circles, radiating upward over the whole front are Sunburst Rays in Macassar and Ebony. An amazing amount of attention and fine detail to create such a design. The overall shape is also intricate. The top has a small step at front and sides; all the sides, steps, insets and top, all have “straight” grain Macassar. The sides taper outward from the top to the bottom, having also 2 steps in the transition, and also 2 steps outward, from front to rear on both sides. The bottom has a full depth leg to each side, with the central area raised and fully open to the front. The doors have vertical Chromed Tubular handles, and fitted with spring rollers for closure.  The immaculate interior is fitted with 2 shelves at the third points, and the interior and shelves are fully finished in a fine, straight grained Mahogany type timber. Dimensions are approx.: Depth: 43.5cm excl. handles overall, (varies with side steps of widths 38cm, 34cm); the width also varies with sloping sides, i.e., 83cm at top, 91cm at door top, and 116cm at floor level x overall height 162cm.


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