Art Deco German Bakelite Fruit Knife Set 5


Art Deco German Bakelite Fruit Knife Set , of 5 Knives, with fantastic Translucent Green Bakelite handles spliced with Yellow/Orange, on the original geometric Bakelite stand in same colours with Octagon centre stand. All in excellent condition and the Stainless Steel blades are hallmarked “SOLINGEN”, with “ROSTFRIE” in a curve across the base of “Solingen”. One Knife has been lost over the Decades, but the remaining 5 knives and stand are in the best colours, all immaculate, no breaks, no chips or repairs, just a sparkling, desirable set. Dimensions are approx..:  Set 17cm high x 13cm wide max. assembled, each knife 16.3cm overall blade 8.5cm. Germany.

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