French Art Deco Photo frame in marble with an Alsatian Dog


Art Deco Photo Frame with Alsatian Dog as feature, on a Marble and Onyx decorated base. The photo glass is supported and both pieces are held together with the famous Italian Potoro Marble that is also used to decorate the front bevelled edge as well. There is no more of the Potoro in Italy, as the last of it was used to restore a Theatre in Melbourne a couple of decades back. The dog statue is Font De Art (Art from the Font of liquid bronze). The bronze coated statue is then enamelled in the ”Japanned finish” of black and copper. The Glass is viewed in the Portrait position, but could also support a landscape photo if desired, as the glass edges are no restrained by end supports. Dimensions are approx..: Marble base 40cm wide x 7cm deep x 2.5cm thick; overall height including glass 34cm; Glass size 21cm wide x 31cm high. France. Circa 1930.


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