Art Deco French Photo Frame Gazelle on Marble


Art Deco French Photo Frame, single Gazelle in spelter. The Marble base has rounded corners to front, and also highlighted with Italian Potoro Marble, black with “gold” and white veins, a treasured marble, as there is no more in Italy, as the last was used 2 decades ago to restore a Melbourne Theatre. This frame can display both Portrait or Landscape, as the ends are not restricted, and the glass is held by the rear spring iron clips, against the front “copper” Starbursts. Condition is generally excellent with no damage to report, just a soft aged patina.  Dimensions are approx..: Marble base 38cm wide x 8cm deep x 2cm thick; Gazelle is 21cm high, and Max. height to top of glass is 32cm. France. Circa 1930.


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