Art Deco French Knife Rests of animals from different colonies


Art Deco French Knife Rests, set of 12 pieces consisting of 6 Different Animals, representing the Rooster for Paris, and 5 other pairs, each representing a French Colony of the time or past. A large, rare set to find. Other than the Roster, the 5 other animals are, Seals (maybe Quebec?), Elephants (Africa), Rhino (Africa), Jaguar (?) and Eagles. All are in the original Nickel finish, (pre Chrome), all in perfect condition with no damage or losses, slight soft age patina. Dimensions vary slightly depending on animal, Eagles and Rooster 9cm long, all others 8.5cm x Heights from 2.5cm to 3cm x up to 2cm deep. France. Circa 1920-1930.

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