Art Deco French Champagne Bucket Rafraichissoir to take several bottles


Art Deco very heavy Silver Plate Champagne Bucket, similar in quality to Christofle with Silver marks of similar intention. Around the lower bottom rim are two lots of Hallmarks; to one side is “90” followed by “BOHRMANN”, then “98” , then, in a very small impression, what appears to be  “216” maybe Model or Design No.. On the opposite rim side, is “Te?minus” (rubbed), over “Neuchatel”, close inspection and research concludes probably “TERMINUS NEUCHATEL” Hotel, Switzerland (built 1897 as a Hotel), and on the Bucket base is also “10”. The Bucket has small nicks and rubs, a few small dings according to age, and the inner bowl has had an area of approx.. 6cm x 12cm 10cm that has had a thick deposit of “dimpled silver” over what we assume is an electronic repair to the surface, replacing the eroded, original silver plate, a little rough, but purpose achieved, and part of the history. Dimensions are approx..: 24.5cm dia. top, 32.5cm outer handles; 16.5cm high to bucket edge, 18.5cm height to top handles; Base 13.5cm dia.. From France, but possibly Swiss or maybe German origin. Circa 1920’s.