Art Deco French 8 Day Magic Clock


Art Deco French 8 Day, Magic Clock. The workings are “suspended in mid air” with the gilt hour and minute hands pointing to the surrounding black edge with gilt Roman Numerals for the hours. The hands are gilt and with intense geometric design; the hour hand being the moon orbiting the “Earth” being the central workings.  The glass is a light Plum colour with a bevelled edge, and the rear workings are very simple, having the outer cover with hinged thumb tab to wind the spring, and the only other control is the central knob to adjust the hands. The rear has imbedded inscription “8 Day”, followed by “6 Rubis” being French for “6 Rubies” in the movement. All with an anti-clockwise “Arrow” above, for winding direction. Condition is excellent for age with no damage to mention, just a soft aged patina Original green felt to base in perfect condition. Dimensions are approx..: Clock Face 21cn dia., base is 22cm x 6cm.  France. Circa 1930.