Art Deco Early Bimini Lauscha Decanter 3 Glass Set


Art Deco Early Bimini, Lauscha, Austria, Decanter 3 Glass Set, in the thinnest glass imaginable. The Stopper for the decanter and each glass, is like holding a small piece of paper, nearly weightless. The fine artwork to the glass is amazing, from the tiny dots on the Stopper, to the fine, “spinning” Comets to the base of each glass and lower Decanter area; all this detail is “Hot Glass” applied, which require many Decades of experience. All 4 pieces plus stopper are in absolute perfect condition, with no damage even down to the toes on the lady’s raised legs. An early piece of Art Glass perfection. Dimensions are approx.., Decanter 18.5cm high x 8cm dia., max., Glass 9cm high x 5cm dia. at lip to 4cm dia. at base. Although these are very fine, they were actually used for service of very high proof sprits, the type kept in the freezer but do not ice-up, i.e., 90% proof, and served with a strong Expresso Coffee . Austria. Circa 1930


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