Art Deco Cocktail cabinet with a Vitrolite serving tray


Art Deco Australian Cocktail cabinet.  The Cabinet has been made in Australia, obviously by a Cabinet maker from U.K. who immigrated after WW11. The design is identical to others we have had in the past, with the small inset for the upper cabinet, and also the small inset  at toe level. It has an upper area fully mirrored, including the doors, and has the black enamelled glass bottom and also to the slid out mixing shelf; this glass is removable for cleaning purposes to prevent water/detergent on the timber. Main body is in fine grain Tasmanian Oak; with mirrored image, Pillow Oak cut veneer to doors. The door surfaces were then mirrored to each other door, making the front totally geometric. The other confirmation of Australian origin is that the Hinges are by “McCallum” of “Sydney” as marked to each hinge; the lock and key escutcheons are English, but the hinges would not have been exported to England. Condition is immaculate. Dimensions are approx..: 167cm high x 92cm wide max. x 46cm deep, including slid lip. Australia. 1940’s.


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