Art Deco Cambridge Decanter with 4 shot glasses


Art Deco Cambridge Decanter  and Set of 4 Shot Glasses,  by Cambridge of U.S.A., known as Farber Bros.. A Patented design with the Nickel/Chrome decorative bases, actually grip the base of the glass (including the Decanter), so when washing, only the glass is exposed to the detergent (corrosive?) and reduction in the metal plate finish. Generally in excellent condition, with all the glasses and the respective metal is perfect, but the upper edge metal at rear on the decanter does have 2 separations, but they do not affect the use, and are barely noticeable unless searched for (please refer last image) . All metal bases to all pieces are marked with the Brand and Registered Patent details, ie., “FARBER BROS”, over the 3 piece Trademark, over “New York N.Y.”, over “PAT. NO. 87496” over “1924011”. Dimensions are approx..: Decanter 18.5cm high x 14cm dia.; glasses each 6cm high x 5.5cm dia. maximum. U.S.A.. Circa 1940.


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