Art Deco Australian Cocktail set of 8 goblets, cocktail shaker on tray


Art Deco Cocktail Service , a very rare piece of Australian History. An Australian EPNS Cocktail Set, 8 Goblets, Tray and the Shaker consisting of 3 parts, the Body, the EPNS Cap with Cork, and EPNS and cork Plug to pourer, and both held together with silver plated Jewellers nuts. The rear hip of the Shaker Dedicated to “Mac” above “Harold Luxton”, over “1928 – 1931” dedicated for his services while Lord Mayor of City of Melbourne, and while being a Councillor from 1919 to 1943. In 1930 he was elected to the Victorian Legislative Assembly as the Nationalist member for Caulfield. Knighted in 1932, he served in the Assembly until his retirement in 1935. He was later a member of the International Olympic Committee in 1946, which selected Melbourne for the 1956 Olympic Games. This set is a major piece of our History, and is nearly mint condition, having only a few tiny silver spot losses of patina, to the inner of 3 of the Goblets, while the rest of the set  is all  in close to mint condition. Dimensions are approx..: Tray, 30cm dia., 35.5cm across handles; Goblets 11.5cm high x 7cm dia. at lip, to 5cm dia. at base; Shaker 28cm high x 18cm spout to handle; 12cm max. diameter. The Silver Plate is by “Phoenix Plate” of “Melbourne”, as Marked to base of all components. This Company are now one of the dominant Quality Tap and Plumbing Manufacturers in Australia. You will not get a second opportunity to by a set like this with so much Australian history. Australia. 1931.

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