Art Deco American Floor Standard lamp


Art Deco American Bridge Lamp, with solid, light green glass, with fine, dark veins within, and adjustable shade tilt. Lamp has 4 major glass decorations, held by gilded metal caps or the solid gilt Cast iron lower leg plinths. First, a  large Plinth with a stepped base and another smaller plinth above, and a large, cubic / rectangular block, and on top of that, a circular glass knuckle with twisted gilt on brass? caps either side, and twisted Tubular rods for height. At top is filigree Gilt Iron work base, with brass caps and twisted tube, and  with flowers, a bird eating blackberry, and a Lion above the lamp fitting. The shade is a fantastic, “Pulled Feather” Aurene shade in perfect condition, with no chips or damage at all. The Lamp has been re-wired to Australian Standards with similar silk twist cord to original, but is easily converted to U.S.A., British or European use by simply changing the plug at end of cord by a Qualified person, and the bulb if Voltage is different. Dimensions are approx..: Glass shade, 22cm high x 18cm dia. with fitter 9.5cm;  max. height to top of arm 152cm; cast iron base 255cm square; max. width at top arms incl. fitter, (but no glass) 32.5cm. U.S.A..



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